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Humans worry themselves with Good and Evil. They capitalize on their importance and make them real. As if good and evil were important. As if they were anything more than points of view and opinions. The human gods talk of good and evil. But the other species, the dwarves under their mountains and the elves in their forests, they know. They know greater powers older then man. Powers beyond good and evil:


And this is an age of Chaos.

Good King Omen died 40 years ago and with his death died order. Now the forest reclaim the towns and roads that were safe during his rule. The wid has become more dangerous and fierce. Now the only law is…steel and claw

Omen and his family were assasinated and his castle fell to Ajax the Invincible, now called the Dark Lord.

The Dark lord rules from his city on high and no one has been able to defeat him. With all faith abolished and the temples destroyed he is the new Saint. He executed most nobles leaving some regions divided and scatter through the realm, only the strongest survived, trying to keep humanity afloat.

Now they all bend the knee:

The Dwarves: Both Buraguldur and Kimbalnil bent the knee to the Dark Lord to avoid a war they could not win, noww they pay their freedom in slaves. Brooding under the mountains, in their stone cities, most don’t like the deal with the Dark Lord, but they lack the strength…or will…to rebel.

The Raptorlords inthir High Nests: now they work for Ajax as royal guard and elite commandos. Riding their giant birds, they project Ajax’s power, enforce his law and extend his influence into every corner of the wilderness.

The Towers of Magic: forced to limit the access to their teachings only to nobles, and those that can buy the titles. Some were completaly in favor of this idea, others on’t agree as much but they do not speak up and from the ones who were opossed nothing but rubble and ash is left.

The ten Regions: Counties, Baronies, Protectorates and Marchs of men are reduced and isolated, they fight desperately a war they are losing against the wild. Order dies, and Chaos thrives.

But the Dark Lords ignores many:

The High Elves of the Forest of V’ayl: They hide in their forest to keep away from humanity. Their long lives let them keep to their machinations most of which count on their problems dying of old age.

The Crack to the Underworld: The appearance of the crack swallowed into darkness the old March of Jrusk, now only a hole is left and gigantic fungus are taking over the land surrounding the crack. The expansion of the Plague forest makes ruling harder for Ajax and the regions of the south feel endanger and unprotected.

Even so only two powers fight Ajax:

Muralget, the Queen of fire, THe Bronze Damsel: she fought Ajax to a standstill before fleeing in her flying fortress and landing in what once was the Barony of Oll. There she created mountains to defend herself and little by little turned the green pastures of Oll to the red wastes of the plane of fire. Now Oll is dead, and sand red like crushed rubies covers its lands.

Some years ago the Grey Blight started to expand through th March of Lattakay, stablishing it’s own kingdom. No one has been abe to fight off the Archlich Dalrath, who now controls the region. No one leaves from there, but it is said that some towns and people still resist the law of death in this grey wastes. They may live under the rule of an undead demigod, but at least the roads are safe.

And some were fool hardy enougt to fight against Ajax:

It’s beena deacade since the Iron Tower, last of the Free Companies of Khatovar, assailed the overlord in a flying pyramid the Tower’s sorcerers discovered in the Infinite Desert, far to the east. Ajax was ready for them, and his wizard Mortum dispelled the magics that kept the Floating Pyramid aloft. The great structure fell into the swamp of Wurul. Half the Iron Tower were killed, the rest scattered. The Iron Tower is no more.

The Dark Lord remains. . .Invincible.

Chaos and Order